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Kafko_Pool_RedecorationAnytime is the right time to redecorate your pool and backyard, but especially if repair work needs to be performed. It is easy for your professional Kafko™ Dealer to add an in-pool step or lighting feature when the liner is being replaced. How about adding an Auto Fill leveling system, or a maintenance saving product like salt water systems or an automatic robotic cleaner? Take a look below at some interesting ideas to renovate your poolscape.

Replace Your Vinyl Liner

Nothing changes the appearance of your backyard like a new liner. Choose a traditional pattern or one of our exotic new tiles. There are so many colors to pick from you can match your decking, blend in with new landscaping, or coordinate with your home. Visit our Vinyl Visualizer to see what the hottest new patterns look like in the pool.


Before Vinyl Liner Replacement


After Vinyl Liner Replacement

Deck, Step and Liner Replacement

It's amazing what a difference some updates can have on your backyard retreat. The above image shows before and after photos of the same pool. Before: the liner was old and in need of replacement, the deck was cracked and the pool entry was a small 4 foot wide step. After: the new, modern pool liner makes the water color a refreshing tropical blue. The deck has been replaced with a 1 foot section of traditional concrete around the perimeter of the pool, while the rest of the deck was done in stamped and colored concrete, providing the backyard with a modern and upscaled look. Finally, with the deck removed, the home owner wanted to replace the old pool entry with a new and larger 8 foot roman end step with hydrotherapy jets which provides a great place for lounging and relaxing.


Water & Lighting Features

Ahh, the soothing sound of a waterfall. The safety and beauty of pool lighting. It is easier than you think. A water feature can be as simple as a deck jet shooting water into your pool, or as elaborate as a cascading brook flowing into a waterfall.

Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

Maintaining your pool chemistry is so much easier and cheaper with an automatic salt generator. Some salt systems even monitor and adjust PH levels.

No more weekly brushing and vacuuming is needed with the purchase of a Robotic Pool Cleaner. Plug in a completely safe low voltage Robotic Cleaner, put it in the water, and come back later to a spotless pool. The Robotic Cleaners automatically scrub and vacuum the bottom and side walls. The on board cartridge filter means no messy nets or bags to clean up.

Add A New In-Pool Step

Swimming_Pool_StepOur Wedding Cake steps come in a variety of shapes and can be installed with any new liner. So your old swimming pool doesn't have a step but you've always wanted one? No problem, your Kafko™ pool professional can easily add a beautiful in-pool wedding cake step when they change out your vinyl liner.

Automatic Safety Cover

Automatic_Safety_CoverAn Automatic Safety Cover can be added to many existing pools. Push a button, turn the key, and watch your pool become protected from the elements as well as unwanted intruders. The cover doubles as a safety cover. And there are many colors from which to choose.

Extend Your Season

You have a wonderful source of fun, exercise, and recreation in your pool. Wouldn't it be great to be able to use it more during the year? Extending your swimming season is easy when you add a swimming pool heater, Solar Heating System or a SuperSpan Dome. A natural gas or propane heater is easy to add to your equipment pad, and newer models are much more energy efficient and economical. For the ultimate in economy and environmental efficiency, a Solar Pool Heater uses the energy provided by the sun to heat your pool.

The Enersol Solar Pool Heating System heats your pool in a simple, yet effective way. Pool water is pumped from your existing pool pump to the Enersol Solar Pool Heater panels. The sun's rays heat the water in the panels, then the heated water is returned to your pool.

The SuperSpan Dome is engineered to enable swimming straight through winter in even the coldest areas of the country, without the expense of a permanent structure. SuperSpan Domes are supported entirely by air provided by a small blower which uses minimal power.

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